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August 7, 2010

Steve Robinson

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There is no question about it. Steve Robinson is the best candidate for State Representative in this campaign. I have called him my friend and brother for more than a quarter century and I know him well.

Steve is no political hack. He’s a genuine leader. If he says he’ll do something, count on it, he’ll do it. Others t…alk about doing things, he does it. Steve has more than 30 years experience fighting for peoples’ rights and for environmental quality in the legislature. He knows how to get things done there.

Steve has been in the trenches and has earned the respect of legislators, tribes, legitimate environmental organizations, businesses–you name it. He is a veteran who has earned his stripes and honors and the fact is that the people of the 22nd district have a rare opportunity to support a very gifted leader by voting for Steve Robinson.

I’m proud to call him my friend. I would be proud to call him my State Representative and I’m proud to be co-chairman of his campaign.

-Billy Frank, Jr., Nisqually

March 23, 2010

Patsy Whitefoot, Yakama Tribal Member – Steve Robinson

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Patsy Whitefoot, Yakama Tribal Member and President of the National Indian Education Association, receives the President’s Award from Patsy Whitefoot, President-Elect of the Environmental Education Association of Washington (E-3 Washington). The award is EEAW’s highest honor and is presented to individuals acknowledged as the best educators in the state.

February 24, 2010

Steve Robinson, Democratic candidate for State Representative

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Steve Robinson, Democratic candidate for State Representative, Position 1, District 22, with his Campaign Co-Chairs Billy Frank, Jr. and George Barner, Jr.

February 23, 2010

Steve walks the walk!

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Steve walks the walk! Going door to door, meeting fellow citizens to introduce himself and answer their questions about his candidacy and the issues. Steve cares about people and the things that concern them.

February 20, 2010

Meet State Representatve Candidate Steve Robinson

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Meet State Representatve Candidate Steve Robinson

Break bread with the candidate. Join State Legislative Candidate Steve Robinson for lunch at Top Foods in Lacey at noon on Thursday, February 25. Ask questions and provide your perspectives on the issues you care about most. Steve is THE candidate for the 22nd District House of Representatives, Position 1. BYRB (Buy your own rice bowl!) You can also send questions and comments to Steve at  Participate in Steve’s Blog at or his Facebook at

January 30, 2010

Come meet State Representative Candidate Steve Robinson

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Come meet State Representative Candidate Steve Robinson at the downtown Olympia Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Shop, 10:00 am to 11:30 am, Friday, Feb 5. Share your thoughts or ask your questions pertaining to Legislative District 22. This “coffee shop talk” is just one way Steve is reaching out to the people of the community to deepen his understanding about your interests, hopes and concerns.

January 27, 2010

Steve Walks the Walk

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Steve knows the legislative process and would hit the road running. He has worked with the State Legislature and with Congress for 30 years, and has worked on virtually every natural resource management and environmental management issue, from water quality to oil spill prevention. He may be a freshman legislator in 2011, but in reality–with his credibility and relationships in the State’s Capitol–he’ll be an upper classman. He is an adviser to the White House on climate change, has worked with tribes and other governments regionally, nationally and internationally and participated on a variety of environmental committees, from the Oil Spill Advisory Committee to the Tri-State Governors’ Ocean Agreement Education Committee. He’s been a businessman, a prize-winning journalist and a state employee. He is a strong education candidate, too. He is President-Elect of the Environmental Education Association of Washington, former President of the Washington State Information Council, the Olympia Jaycees and the Salmon Homecoming Alliance. He is active with the Pacific Education Institute, the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, the Indian Education Association, EEAW’s E3 Program (Economy/Environment/Education), and has produced Emmy-award education movies and curriculum that has been instituted in school systems locally and across the state. Steve has won many other awards also, ranging from the internaitonal Roderick Haig Brown Award for excellence in environmental communications to the national George Washington Medal of Honor for citizenship.

Steve is a born leader who is already doing the work needed to be a legislator. He decided to run for District 22, Position 1, after hearing that incumbent Representative Brendan Williams announced that he would not be seeking re-election. “Brendan has done an exceptional job,” says Steve. “It is critically important that the citizens of District 22 not miss a beat when he leaves office. I didn’t choose this moment; the moment chose me. I am running because I’ve got the experience and the heart, like Brendan, to make a difference.”

“In a nutshell, my stand on the issues can be wrapped up in the 3 E’s, economy-education-environment,” says Steve. “These three things are connected. We have all faced many challenges over the past several years, and we have many challenges to face in the future. But, with the right attitude, these challenges can and will be turned into opportunities. It is time to swing the door open to the future with clean industry, to create new jobs and support and improve those that exist, always with a keen focus on sustainability. A fourth “E” to me is equitability. We cannot solve our problems by forcing furloughs on the state workers we need to provide critical services. The cuts, as well as revenue enhancements, that we need to apply must be equitable and be applied in a way that cares for our elders and most fragile, that helps enable small businesses to take hold and grow and that helps our society prosper in a way that helps provide sustainability for the most people while it improves the world our children will inherit.”

Steve wants you to contact him on Face Book, blog or by email (, by phone at 360 786-6386.

Citizens for Steve Robinson, Billy Frank, Jr. and George Barner, Co-Chairs, Dawn Vyvyan, Treasurer

January 18, 2010


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For Immediate Release


SEATTLE (January 16, 2010)—Steve Robinson, long time Olympia environmental and education activist and candidate for the State House of Representatives in the 22nd District, has been elected President-Elect of the Environmental Education Association of Washington, a statewide non-profit association of thousands of educators dedicated to the facilitation of a sustainable economy through a healthy environment and related education.

The election, which took place Saturday, also engaged the EEAW board of directors in advancing its agenda for the biennium.

Robinson, who has been employed by the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission for 25 years in natural resource management and environmental management-related communications, analysis and education, has more than a quarter century of experience working with the State Legislature as well as Congress and both tribal and non-tribal government.  He has been an EEAW board member for three years and has been active with several other education programs, boards and agencies for many years, ranging from the tri-state Governor’s Ocean Agreement Education Committee to the Hands-On Museum for Children in Olympia. He has also been Public Affairs Director for the Department of Natural Resources, a newspaper reporter, a business executive and self employed businessman.

Robinson helped create and develop EEAW’s statewide E3 program (economy, education, environment) and says those three E’s also spell out the major priorities of his legislative campaign.

“Being elected President-Elect of EEAW is a great honor,” said Robinson. “Its E3 vision is one that reaches out to all people, of all backgrounds, and focuses on a brighter future for everyone. We can restore prosperity in this state and we can do it in a sustainable way. When I am elected State Representative, I will bring real experience and positive leadership to the job in a way that serves this generation and the generations to come.”


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