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On the issues

Steve takes a strong stand on many issues, with special priority on the 3 E’s:

Economy, Education and the Environment

He knows that all of these “E’s” are connected and has more combined experience in all of them than any other candidate.

On the Economy, he has owned his own small business and has been an executive in major industry. He knows what it takes to succeed and he knows what it takes to turn little or no funding into a success. One of his major priorities in this campaign is to help people throughout this district, and this state, to find their way to sustainable prosperity.

“It doesn’t happen over night and it doesn’t happen without hard work,” he says. “But with the right attitude and with an eye toward the future, there is opportunity.”

Steve describes sustainable opportunity as the kind  based on good education, a clean environment and healthy natural resources.

“Abundant clean water and clean air, healthy fish runs, open spaces, forests, clean energy….these things are an absolute necessity to all of us and to all of our children and children to be,” says Steve. “They are the key to our future economy.”

These are my priorities, along with public safety, development of a stronger, cleaner manufacturing base, expanded tourism opportunities and other clean business that will get us out of the recession in a lasting, healthy way. This will enable new levels of success in everything from public health to early education, and from transportation efficiency to senior care.”

Steve Robinson is a man who has a heart of gold, says his campaign co-manager Billy Frank, Jr. “He knows what hard work is. He has demonstrated that his entire life. But more importantly, he is a man of compassion. He loves people, and reaches out to help them every day of his life. That’s what Steve Robinson stands for

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